The role of the Board of Directors is to provide effective governance and stewardship, leaving management to run the day-to-day operations of the credit union.

Directors provide direction on the affairs of the credit union to achieve the aims and purpose of the credit union on behalf of the entire Membership.

Alpha CU Board of Directors

  • Thomas Kelly, HMFP, Director
  • Joette DeMeo, BIDMC
  • Jeannette Blackler, BIDMC
  • Kristine Hanscom, TUFTS
  • Patricia Hayward, TUFTS
  • Mary Leupold, HMFP
  • Peter Macaulay, BIDMC
  • Laura Schifferdecker, BIDMC
  • Jane Hayward, BIDMC

Main Office Staff

  • Joette DeMeo, CEO
  • Keli Wynne, Vice President
  • Brendan Clifford, Member Service Representative
  • Maryfrances Miles, Member Service Representative

Tufts Medical Center Branch Staff

  • Denise Leary, Member Services