If your spring and summer plans include a home improvement which also increases your home’s energy efficiency, you could get a 0% loan for your home project with Alpha Credit Union through our partnership with Mass Save®.

Borrow up to $25,000 for up to seven years at 0% interest.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Call the credit union for questions and/or help with the process. Or go ahead and start your home project by calling Mass Save® at 866-527-SAVE (7283), to ensure your project qualifies under the program.
  2. Choose a contractor and be sure to get a signed proposal on their official letterhead/paperwork.
  3. Submit the proposal to Mass Save®.
  4. Submit the contractors accepted proposal along with a completed copy of the Intake Form to your HEAT Loan Program Administrator that was assigned to you during the assessment process.
  5. If you haven’t already applied for your Mass Save HEAT Loan with Alpha Credit Union, submit your completed loan application, recent paystub, and Authorization form to us. If you’ve already applied for the loan, please send us the Authorization Form so we can continue to process your application.
  6. Once your loan is approved, we will issue a two-party check payable to you and your contractor(s).
  7. Complete your home project(s). To pay your contractor, simply sign over the check from Alpha Credit Union.
  8. Complete your verification inspection. For details on completing this required verification, call 866-527-SAVE (7283).
  9. Apply for any applicable rebates at www.MassSave.com/Rebates