Important changes to your payroll:

  • Payroll deduction amounts will be converted to a direct deposit distribution.
  • Payroll changeover will happen automatically and you do not need to do anything as of right now.
  • Last day to make any desired changes to BIDMC payroll deduction amounts with Alpha, is Monday December 27th.
  • Future changes in direct deposit amounts must be done by you on the portal/PeopleSoft system
  • Once the pay is changed to bi-weekly in January, your current amounts will be doubled and scheduled account transfers and loans payments will continue.
  • We are recommending that you log in to your online banking over the next several weeks to review your deposit amount(s) and make sure to get any changes in to us before the 27th to make it easier/more convenient and to avoid any delays in making any desired changes while the payroll transition is occurring in January.
  • BIDMC payroll department has already started changing some “payroll deductions” to “direct deposit”, so if you notice this change, do not panic, your deductions are still coming into the credit union. The only change is the “format”. Nothing is required of you, this is all automatic and should be transparent.