ATM/Debit Visa Card

With the Alpha Credit Union Debit VisaCard, you can enjoy a whole new level of banking and shopping convenience.

You can use this card to pay for your purchases without cash, without checks and without credit cards. And at the same time, have quick and easy access to cash and your Alpha Credit Union accounts.

Lost or Stolen VISA/DEBIT?

Call us at 617-632-8164 during regular business hours.

Tips for ATM Safety & Fraud Protection

  • Never write your PIN number on your card.
  • Never leave the PIN number in your wallet.
  • Use ATMs only where you feel safe and comfortable.
  • If after dark use well lit ATM’s.
  • Try to bring someone trusted with you.
  • Use ATMs with security cameras visible.
  • Fill out any deposit slips and seal deposit envelope before arriving at an ATM.
  • Have your card ready when you enter ATM to avoid exposing your wallet and/or purse.
  • Put your card, money, receipt and wallet away before leaving ATM.
  • Have PIN memorized and never share it with anyone else.
  • Stand in front of the key pad when entering your PIN number so no one behind you can see it.
  • If someone is looking over your shoulder cancel transaction and leave immediately.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • If in a vestibule ATM, close door completely upon entering and exiting, don’t offer entry to strangers.
  • If at a Drive-up ATM, keep engine running with all of the doors locked and only the driver’s window open.
  • If at a walk-up ATM, walk quickly, be alert and do not linger at the machine.
  • If you feel unsafe at an ATM call the financial institution that owns and operated the machine and notify them so they can take steps to remedy the situation.
  • Do not use for illegal gambling.
  • Check your statements carefully and report any unauthorized or suspicious activity to us immediately.