Board of Directors

The role of the Board of Directors is to provide effective governance and stewardship, leaving management to run the day-to-day operations of the credit union.

The board has the overall responsibility for the credit union’s direction, safety and soundness and legal compliance. To meet these responsibilities, the board must establish sound policies, retain qualified management and establish acceptable risk exposure levels.

Alpha CU Board of Directors

  • Kristine Hanscom, TUFTS, Chair
  • Mary Leupold, HMFP, Secretary
  • Peter Macaulay, BIDMC
  • Jeannette C Blackler, BIDMC
  • Patricia A Hayward, TUFTS
  • Jane Hayward, BIDMC
  • Joette DeMeo, BIDMC
  • Susan Dunn, HMFP
  • David Baker, BIDMC